Launch New Products

THE BEST WAY TO ENSURE SUCCESS OF A  NEW BUSINESS OR A NEW PRODUCT IS TO SOLICIT INPUT FROM POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS  EARLY AND OFTEN, but  most new-product executives or business founders avoid contacting and engaging  with potential customers until their products, in their judgment, are almost  complete. Then, a sales manager and  staff are hired and told to "go sell it". When sales fail to materialize, the sales force is inevitably blamed.

Investors  would tell you that the number one reason for failure of new companies is lack  of customers. That's also the number one  reason for the failure of new products, even if launched by major corporations  that have produced many successful products in the past.

Smart  entrepreneurs validate early that they are solving the most important business problems  and avoiding other pitfalls in the business model that keep customers from  buying. Effective product developers  collaboratively generate and debate ideas that are informed by customer  feedback. They test their ideas and  their business model, and they experiment with potential customers well in advance of rolling out their new venture. 

What the entrepreneur,  the CEO, or the new product organization learns during this process informs  what marketing and sales staff will do to successfully introduce the new  product, the innovative service, or the new company.

WHAT  I'VE LEARNED: Most of the time the critical  customer development work is not done.

When you  call me to launch your new product or service or company, I am going to ask the  hard questions about customer development and we will start together with the  exploration and validation of your concepts with potential customers. What we learn and experience will tell us if  we need to refine your product, what channel partners to engage, what marketing  messages to use, and how to sell to targeted customers.

I LEAD, TEST, COACH, TRAIN, and DELIVER: I work with founders and CEOs to actively explore customer problems that  require a new or better solution, assess the need, surface priorities,  understand impact and the resulting value of the solution, and learn how and  why a customer will buy. We use this to  create marketing and sales programs that work. Along the way, we capture your first customers.

FOR LARGER ORGANIZATIONS, BUSINESS  SCHOOLS, ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAMS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES: I facilitate group workshops "Capturing Customer Insights to Successfully  Launch Innovative Businesses" ™. The workshop takes a new product team through  the steps and builds skills for engaging customers to explore and validate a  new concept, with role plays and customer engagement assignments, planning and  debriefs. Do  you need a custom program to address additional challenges? Let's talk about it.

"Good Leaders Innovate" is an allied program, addressing the need and the power of leaders to create an environment that facilitates engagement with customers early and often to shape product offerings.


Great Results, Personable, Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Delivers results   "Your contribution to the company has been tremendous. You have helped us  to form an enterprise program, scope a market and open doors to key players in  the market. Your professionalism and integrity are unsurpassed in  my experience."

Leads Effectively  "The praise really goes to you -- for choosing us, organizing us, and keeping us on task  those many months." 

Inspires innovation  "Gail ran a two day workshop with our executive team to assist with some strategic product development initiatives. Gail was an excellent facilitator and we were thrilled with the ideas that were developed over the two days."

Easy to work with "Gail has been great to work with. She is very focused towards getting the results. I would highly recommend her."

Flexible roles  "Gail is as comfortable stepping into a company as an external advisor or mentor, as she is in taking the role of chief executive; leading business development and sales; handling corporate communications; spear-heading investor relations and making investor presentations."

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