2013 Edison Award Finalists

Congratulations to the Edison Awards Winners!  Last  fall, you may have suggested to me a product or service that you felt should be  a candidate for an Edison Award and if you did, thanks so much. A number of outstanding innovations emerged  from the recommendations you and others made.

This year, five of my candidate recommendations won awards and I'd like to tell you about  them. The Edison Awards Steering Committee and more than 3,000  professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing and education voted for their innovations!

Knowledge Vision with KV Track by Knowledge Vision Systems

SILVER AWARD - Content Management

Knowledge Vision  is the technology leader in online presentations. Its  online tools help companies and individuals create, deploy, and track  interactive online experiences that combine sychronized video, presentation  slides and images, dynamic footnotes and reference links, virtual handouts, navigation, and social media connections. Its KVTrack features, introduced  earlier this year, help content creators to measure and act on the way that  individual viewers interact with their presentation content.

Dakim  BrainFitness by Dakim, Inc

SILVER AWARD - Personal Wellness

Dakim BrainFitness is the only clinically tested brain fitness software designed  specifically for active adults over 60. Just 20 minutes a day of fun and  engaging brain exercises can help improve your memory, focus, and concentration  while fighting the threat of cognitive decline. Decades of medical research have confirmed that frequent and long-term  participation in cognitive stimulation is associated with a significant reduced  risk of dementia - more than 60 percent.

Quill by Narrative Science

GOLD AWARD - Collaboration/Knowledge Management

Artificial  Intelligence. Human Insight. Real Results.There is no shortage of data, in fact just  about every company is drowning in data. As the volume of data continues to  rise exponentially, companies need a better way to understand, use and monetize  the data they already have. Narrative Science helps companies leverage their  data by automatically creating easy-to-use and consistent narrative reporting  through our patented artificial intelligence platform, Quill™.

TraceLink  Life Sciences Cloud by TraceLink, Inc.

BRONZE AWARD - Health Management

The TraceLink  Life Sciences Cloud protects patients, enables health, grows profits and ensures compliance across global Life  Sciences. Through a single point and click connection to the Life Sciences  Cloud, companies gain complete global connectivity, visibility and traceability  for products and transactions from raw materials to patient.

Neon by Neon

BRONZE AWARD - Content Management

Get more people watching your videos. Neon selects thumbnails that  people want to click.  Neon  builds on the perceptions and brain responses of everyday people watching  video. We model how the brain perceives images and can predict which ones  people will prefer. We select the best  thumbnails for the audience you want to reach.

Go to www.edisonawards.com   to see the full list of Award Winners for 2013. 


Great Results, Personable, Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Delivers results   "Your contribution to the company has been tremendous. You have helped us  to form an enterprise program, scope a market and open doors to key players in  the market. Your professionalism and integrity are unsurpassed in  my experience."

Leads Effectively  "The praise really goes to you -- for choosing us, organizing us, and keeping us on task  those many months." 

Inspires innovation  "Gail ran a two day workshop with our executive team to assist with some strategic product development initiatives. Gail was an excellent facilitator and we were thrilled with the ideas that were developed over the two days."

Easy to work with "Gail has been great to work with. She is very focused towards getting the results. I would highly recommend her."

Flexible roles  "Gail is as comfortable stepping into a company as an external advisor or mentor, as she is in taking the role of chief executive; leading business development and sales; handling corporate communications; spear-heading investor relations and making investor presentations."

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